How to get lots of information from your leads without an intimidating form

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Forms are a multi-purpose tool in today’s marketing toolkit. From capturing intent, to profiling, through to service requests, forms can be used in many ways. Sometimes, there is a need to capture large volumes of information at once, such as a registration for a free trial, or a product demonstration. Usually these occur further down the sales funnel and only once a prospective buyer has identified their problem.

Some instances where this may be the case include:

  • Support requests
  • Trial registrations
  • Assessment requests
  • Contact enquiries
  • Product enquiries

One problem with gathering large amounts of information from one form is that it can look intimidating or too much effort for the user, for example:

Long HubSpot form

People often drop out before they reach the end of the form, meaning that you don’t get to capture any information about them.

One user-friendly way of getting around this is with multi-page forms. These create the effect of a ‘wizard’ or question by question display, breaking the information up into digestible pieces. I want to show you how to set up a multi-page form in HubSpot that looks great and helps to improve conversion rates.

While HubSpot doesn’t have a tool specifically for creating multi-page forms, this can be done using multiple forms and multiple pages. Smart forms can be a method of completing this, however you aren’t able to add a “next” function to a smart form (you will see what I mean shortly).

Benefits of multi-page forms

There are three main benefits of using multi-page forms:

1. You capture information from the start

Even if someone leaves the sequence and doesn’t reach the end, they have still submitted at least one form, giving you some key information about them such as email and IP address. This presents the opportunity to go back to them at a later date and encourage them to finish completing the form, while already holding them in your database.

2. You find out more about the person in one go

By splitting the form across multiple pages and displaying only a few questions at a time, it becomes less intimidating to the user and increases the submission rates. This means you can get people to answer more questions throughout the sequence, pushing them further through your progressive profiling faster.

3. You can target your questions

In most situations, you want to know different things from different people. For example, if one of your questions asks what Marketing Automation software someone uses, your follow up questions for someone who uses HubSpot will be different to those who don’t use a Marketing Automation system. Normal smart forms allow you to ask one dependent question (if X is answered, show them Y) rather than being able to go down a whole new path (if X is answered, show them Y, then Z, then A). Multi-page forms mean that you can send people down different paths based on responses at deeper levels than you can in normal smart forms.

Create your forms

First, you need to create the different forms that you are wanting to use in this sequence. For this example, I have used three forms, each with 3-4 questions.

HubSpot form example 1

HubSpot form example 2

HubSpot form example 3

When you are creating your forms, make sure you change the label on your submit button to ‘Next’ for all but the final form.

Create your landing pages

Now create the landing pages for the forms to be housed in. A nice feature to include is a progress bar or status update. This gives people an idea of what is coming and how long they can expect the form to be.

HubSpot landing page example 1

HubSpot landing page example 2

Link them all together

Once you have created the landing pages, you need to connect them to each other. Under your form settings, select ‘Redirect to another page’ and send people to the next page in the sequence. Repeat this throughout your sequence until you get to the end where you can either create a final “Thank You” page, or add an inline message after the form has been submitted.

Connecting HubSpot landing pages

Test, and enjoy!

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