Strategic marketing advice

Gain clarity about how to take your tech products to market.

What's your best path to growth?

Concentrate works with the leaders of technology firms to clarify their overall marketing strategy or to answer specific questions about marketing strategy, such as new product development, market expansion or brand repositioning.

We apply our go-to-market methodology to all engagements, supporting that with data gathered from the market from desk, qualitative and quantitative research.

Research Insights

Every day you make marketing decisions: how to position a product, what communications  channels to focus on, which pricing structure makes sense. Concentrate can gather and  analyse the market data you need to help you with these crucial calls for your tech business.

The clarity this information brings enables you to make faster decisions about marketing strategy with greater confidence. Concentrate can deliver this because we understand B2B technology markets, and have over 10 years’ experience delivering qualitative and quantitative research insights, primarily in offshore markets like North America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

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Typical research projects we undertake include:

  • Testing new product concepts with potential target markets and channels
  • Target market definition and contact list sourcing and procurement
  • Gauging customer satisfaction levels over regular periods
  • Gathering competitor pricing data and analysis
  • Understanding and quantifying new market opportunities
  • Clarifying value propositions from qualitative research with existing and prospective customers
  • Finding and qualifying potential channel partners in target markets
  • Benchmarking brand awareness in target markets

Strategic advice

We combine deep industry experience and a proven go-to-market methodology to provide our clients with practical insights into their marketing challenges.

This can involve anything from a short telephone chat about an issue through to a detailed go-to-market strategy. Our focus is helping you get results faster by drawing on Concentrate’s experience with over 150 Kiwi tech exporters, and seven years of benchmarking studies.


Typical strategic projects we undertake include:

  • Market prioritisation and selection
  • Developing market entry strategy
  • Brand repositioning
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Developing lead generation strategy
  • Clarifying sales and marketing technology requirement
  • Progressing distribution and partner programs
  • Product pricing strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Sales and marketing recruitment advice
  • Sales and marketing expenditure
  • Sales and marketing metrics

Planning and measuring

Marketing should be about momentum. Implementing measurable activities that generate qualified leads for your business.

A marketing plan isn’t essential, but without some marketing planning you are seriously limiting your chances of success. Planning isn’t about fancy bound documents filled with buzzwords and graphs, it is primarily the act of thinking about what you want to achieve as a business. It is a process of determining how you will allocate your resources (time, money, activities etc) to achieve a desired goal.

We can help you do the thinking, identify the appropriate metrics required to track your progress, and then produce agile marketing plans for your in-house team and funders.



Typical planning projects we undertake include:

  • Developing market entry strategy
  • Defining product launch activity
  • Specifying ongoing content development
  • Design metrics and measurement systems
  • Developing market growth plans
  • Designing lead generation programmes
  • Developing PR and communication plans
  • Building an ongoing agile planning process

Value Propositions

When you hear the word marketing, what words come to mind?
Hype, noise, buzz, lies, exaggeration, gimmicks, glitz, glamour?

Tech companies that rely on this sort of approach to their marketing usually do so because they haven’t developed a compelling story for their customers. Doing the hard work to uncover this story is one of the secrets to sustained, successful marketing.

Concentrate help define these stories based on qualitative research with existing and potential customers. Customers gain insight into how potential customers perceive their service, and what benefits potential customers are seeking. It also clarifies the unique value your company delivers to its customers, which is the core of differentiating yourself in a market.