Technology Marketing Framework

We’ve combined our experience working with hundreds of tech companies, and seven years of benchmarking reports from Market Measures, to build a best practice model for technology marketing.

The four traditional Ps of marketing (product, place, price and promotion) aren’t sufficient for the task of taking a technology product to market.

Concentrate has developed 14 Ps to provide a framework for marketing technology, designed around some fundamental questions you need to answer.

The Fundamentals

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Who is your customer? With marketing the answer always lies with the customer. We can help you define this with real clarity.

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What business are you in? Customers don’t buy what you produce, they buy what it does for them. Understanding this helps find the most profitable market opportunities.

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Why should they buy from you? No matter how clever your technology, there is always an alternative. Defining why customers should choose your solution is critical to great marketing. Concentrate has the process to uncover this.

The Programme

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What marketing understanding do you have? Concentrate helps you to find the most attractive markets for your company. Learn to identify which markets are best suited to your products and in which markets you have the most likelihood of success.

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What is the product? It is critical that your products ‘fit’ into the world of the potential customers. Concentrate can help you understand their world and how to make your product easier for them to buy and use.

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Who are our targets? Having established the best overall market, Concentrate shows you how to uncover the segments to focus on. By identifying the areas with the most potential you will target your products to the right people.

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Who could help us? The right partnerships can help you gain a larger market share. Concentrate assists to identify who they might be, and how to develop and maintain a successful relationship with them.

Players icon

Who is the competition? Typically we are competing against bigger and better funded players in offshore markets, so we have to be smarter. Part of that is understanding how competitors are positioning their products, and how yours can be differentiated.

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Developing a strategy given what we know from the first eight Ps, e.g. how can you locate your potential customers and develop an approach to secure them for the long-term?

Price icon

How much will they pay? Kiwi tech companies too often deliver a Rolls Royce product for a Toyota price. Understanding the value you deliver and then articulating it is critical to an effective pricing strategy.

Promotion icon

How will we persuade them? Building awareness and understanding amongst your target market shortens the sales cycles and increases the chances of achieving a price premium.

Performers icon

What people do we need? While establishing the right marketing strategy is crucial, Concentrate assists you to develop the right internal and external people your company needs. Identify the right people, skills and processes to execute your new marketing plans with precision.

Download a copy of the 14 Ps