The ultimate guide to ABM for B2B tech companies 

How to execute a faultless account-based marketing campaign using HubSpot

An account-based marketing (ABM) strategy can be extremely effective for tech businesses, especially if they have a large annual contract value and fewer opportunities in their markets. 

The success of ABM requires the buy-in and cooperation of all departments within your organisation, from sales and marketing to C-suite executives.

ABM is an effective approach, especially when used in tandem with inbound marketing and deployed in a streamlined system. With HubSpot, you can do ABM with ease.  

In this eGuide, we'll examine the basics of ABM for tech businesses, our favourite tools available to your business, and how to enable B2B Account-Based Marketing with HubSpot today. 


What's inside this practical ABM guide

It's imperative that marketing and sales teams have a common understanding of ABM's fundamentals and the tools and techniques required to succeed. Our eGuide explains everything you need to know to get started with the modern marketing practice.


How to get started with ABM

While ABM campaigns can be complex, setting up a solid foundation for your campaign is easier if you follow our five steps.


What tools are needed to run an effective ABM campaign?

To help businesses navigate the world of ABM, we've listed our four favourite software systems for B2B tech companies.


But what about the tech stack I’ve already built up?

Choose a software which allows users to integrate pre-existing platforms, so you can elevate your ABM campaigns.


Executing ABM campaigns

Build a target account list in your CRM to fully leverage the power of ABM campaigns, and attract your company’s ideal customer profile (ICP).

ABM is a modern and personalised marketing solution which has improved B2B lead generation across an array of global tech businesses. Stay ahead of the game, with this comprehensive marketing success method. 

About the author

As the Managing Director of Concentrate, Owen has extensive experience in the New Zealand technology industry, in technical, sales and marketing roles. Owen was the first person appointed as a HubSpot Master Trainer – in New Zealand.

His career has been focussed on helping businesses successfully develop, use or commercialise technology-based products and services. This includes periods working in the United Kingdom and the USA.

Currently, Owen's focus lies with implementing sales CRM systems to align sales and marketing activity for Concentrate's tech clients.


Owen Scott
Director at Concentrate

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