Get the most out of HubSpot with New Zealand's only HubSpot Master Trainer

HubSpot has partnered exclusively with Concentrate's Owen Scott to deliver HubSpot training for Kiwi businesses.

Owen was recently appointed as a HubSpot Master Trainer – the first and only one in New Zealand.
He leads Concentrate, one of HubSpot’s first partners in Australasia, currently managing the most HubSpot portals of any agency in New Zealand.
With a background in information technology, marketing and sales, Owen is ideally placed to support New Zealand businesses to leverage their HubSpot investment.

The Challenges

HubSpot is a significant investment for any business. Once you're part of the HubSpot community, you have access to a full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, automation and CRM software. But are you really getting the most out of it?

Here are some the questions New Zealand companies using HubSpot come to us with:

  • Why are we not generating enough leads?
    A business has access to everything that HubSpot offers, but something is missing. A strong, fundamental understanding of inbound marketing is really key to getting value.
  • How can we make sure we are using HubSpot to its full potential?
    There are literally dozens of features in HubSpot. It’s not just about sending out email blasts, building landing pages or automating workflows. Too often, businesses are using HubSpot without realising its full potential.
  • How can we find enough time for our staff to upskill?
    If a business is going to unlock all that HubSpot has to offer, it’s important that staff are given time away from their day-to-day tasks so they can upskill. This doesn’t mean an hour off here and there to do the online modules – it’s about going on physical courses and undertaking quality training.
  • Why can’t we get some of the features of HubSpot working properly?HubSpot is a sophisticated technical application. A business needs to know how it can integrate with other systems – e.g., Xero – so they can work together.

What it comes down to is ROI. HubSpot is a big investment for any company, so it’s important to see a return. If one or more of the above issues is creating barriers to that ROI, it’s time to address them so that the investment starts paying off.


Grow better with HubSpot

Recent research from HubSpot indicates that customers who use the platform effectively generate 2.5 times more leads per month, and achieve 70% increase in lead conversion.

How training helps

Get HubSpot cranked up and utilise it to its full potential. To do that, key people in a business need to develop the necessary expertise. Invest in expert HubSpot training, because those staff can then:


The more they know about HubSpot's many features, the better they'll be able to utilise them

Understand the big picture

Staff need to understand the overall concept of HubSpot in order to bring all the different areas together and make it work for their business

Uncover Functionality

There are often features of HubSpot that are simply unknown to their users. Quality training will not only reveal them but will illustrate how they benefit a business

What is a HubSpot Master Trainer?

The HubSpot Academy offers a Certified Trainer program. Certified trainers can teach inbound and HubSpot with support from HubSpot Academy.

Master Trainers are chosen from a selected group of Certified Trainers. They’re given specialised education so that they can deliver training as a HubSpot partner, rather just the basics that Certified Trainers are equipped with.

Courses taught by Master Trainers are available globally, but none in New Zealand. Now that Concentrate’s Owen Scott has become New Zealand’s first Master Trainer, they’ll become available here – it won’t always be necessary to trek over to Sydney or Melbourne.

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