RevOps – A beautiful, profitable melody

A cacophony or a symphony?  Which would best describe the relationship between sales, marketing and customer service operations in your organisation?  Are the ‘musician’s’ playing their own chaotic tune or are they working in harmony to create a beautiful, profitable, melody?  

2024 has more pressure on ROI and results than ever before.  So how do you conduct this ‘orchestra’ of operations to drive revenue growth without needing to invest a whole lot more?  

RevOps – The Ultimate Conductor

RevOps, like a skilled conductor, unites these disparate business functions, orchestrating them to achieve a collective result more potent than their individual contributions.

What does that really mean?

This guide will help you to dive into RevOps and understand:

  • What a more ‘scientific’ approach to revenue growth looks like
  • The quick wins you can achieve in applying a RevOps approach
  • The longer-term gains of a new approach
  • The KPIs you need to track to gauge success

The improved financial results that follow RevOps are well worth the effort.

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RevOps will change the way you think about your Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Ops

At Concentrate, we’re on our own journey with RevOps, here’s Owen to explain what RevOps has meant to us and why we’re beginning to see more sweet harmonies pumping out of our combined efforts.

Should I be thinking about RevOps for my organisation?

Maybe you’re thinking ‘If our systems ain’t broke, why fix them’?  But perhaps your leaving growth and revenue on the table through lack of alignment between data, technology and processes.  

According to HubSpot, companies that have adopted RevOps have benefitted from a:


Boost in Sales Productivity


Acceleration in the Speed of Growth


Increase in Profitability


Surge in Digital Marketing ROI

If these numbers sound good to you, download our eGuide and get your head around RevOps.