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The role of soft and hard skills

What does it take to transform your B2B tech selling from sales unicorns to digitally enabled teams?

Do your customers like you? Is that why they buy from you? Or is it because they have confidence in your expertise? Or is it a combination of both?

What we're talking about is the difference between hard skills and soft skills. The Kiwi mindset places importance on personal relationships in business, but do you really need to be liked by your customers to sell to them?

On the flip side of that coin, how much importance is placed on hard skills i.e. your industry expertise, knowledge and the tools of trade you use?

To sort out the difference between hard vs. soft skills and the role they play in your B2B selling, watch our on-demand webinar in conjunction with Apprento that will help you transform your B2B selling.

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About Apprento

Apprento is New Zealand’s first Sales Acceleration Platform with a mission to grow the capability and professionalism of B2B salespeople globally and in doing so help more companies grow! We do this through attracting, placing and coaching high potential people into sales and customer-facing roles, accelerating existing sales teams performance to drive greater results and building a community of future sales leaders. They grow your sales by growing your salespeople!

What we cover:

Soft skills

  • Why it's more important to focus on being respected rather than liked
  • The importance of listening, questioning, understanding
  • How to position yourself as an expert and challenge prospects

Hard skills

  • How to build a sales playbook
  • What sales technology you need

Meet the panel

Owen Scott
Managing Director & Founder at Concentrate. Extensive experience in the New Zealand technology industry, in technical, sales and marketing roles.
Greg New
Greg Williamson
Director at Concentrate. Experienced tech marketing professional with deep expertise in lead generation for B2B tech sales teams.
Scott Freeman
Scott Freeman
Co-Founder & CEO at Apprento. Experienced salesperson, business leader and founder with extensive experience in the recruitment, search and training sectors.