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If you have the courage to focus, we have the tools and
experience to help you realise the potential of your innovation.

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How to confuse vegetarians (and tech marketers)


My teenage son enjoys ridiculing my dietary choice of not eating meat. The image above is typical of what he regularly tags me into on social media. As I tell him (to sniggering and rolled eyes), a meal without meat is still actually a bone fide meal. And vegetarian staples like tofu are actually tasty […]

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What do we do?

Concentrate is transforming the way Kiwi firms take technology products to the world by an unrelenting commitment to our technology marketing philosophy – you must focus to succeed.

By focussing on the most profitable market niches, and building smart, aggressive and highly targeted marketing campaigns, Concentrate enables its clients to succeed in big, tough offshore markets against well-funded competitors.

Customer comments

"Before engaging with Concentrate we had been doing our marketing in-house – it was slow and going nowhere. Since then we have been able to focus on our day jobs while Concentrate has helped accelerate our growth strategy with great results."

Bruce Franks, CEO of DataCol

"We have been working with Concentrate since the very beginning of the project, years before launch. They are superb at asking the right questions to make sure you are focusing limited resources on the highest impact marketing efforts. We have used them for a wide range of activities and they also consistently point us to high quality partners to help execute on our plans. I look forward to my meetings with them as they are always stimulating and insightful."

Grant Ryan, Inventor of the YikeBike

Pivot Software
"There is a direct correlation between the activities managed by Concentrate on our behalf, and increased brand awareness in our target markets. By focussing our attention, and keeping us on task we are making significant gains as a new entrant in the Australian market."

Philippa Youngman, Director of Pivot Software

"We’ve benefited greatly from involving the Concentrate team in our marketing strategies, plans and actions. There are substantial opportunities within one of our market sectors and their approach has been really refreshing for us. And the benefits of focussing have been very well demonstrated. Recommend whole-heartedly!"

Noel Reid, CEO of Advanced Management Systems Limited (AMS)


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