About Us

Our mission is to help B2B tech and manufacturing companies to find new ways to grow.


Concentrate’s passion is to grow more tech & manufacturing success stories

We’ll help you grow better by using the HubSpot CRM platform to attract, convert and delight more customers.

What's Concentrating?

Formed in 2004, we're a revenue growth agency that helps B2B companies find new ways to grow. We help you respond to buyers that want to engage digitally and have a personalised experience. That don't want to be simply 'sold to'. 

We built our expertise in the tech sector, so we understand the challenges of using tech to drive growth. Making progress can be challenge given limited resource and expertise.

Concentrate has the people, processes and pragmatism to help you achieve momentum quickly.

Let's get moving!

Some of the great brands we help grow

"As one of HubSpot's first partners in Asia-Pacific, Concentrate has played an important role in our growth in this region."
Brian Garvey
Brian Garvey

VP of the Solutions Partner Programe for HubSpot

We're pretty qualified



Our People

As a professional services business we are literally only as good as our people. And it is the diversity of our team that makes it so strong.

With a highly skilled team hailing from New Zealand and seven other nations, we have a depth and spread of experience. In an industry that is male dominated, Concentrate’s 60% female workforce is a super-power.

We’re on the hunt for talented people with skills in digital marketing, web development, CRM and marketing automation, with a solid tech industry background.