What is your investment?

Three Delivery Approaches

We’ve developed different delivery packages designed to help tech firms attract, convert and delight more customers. With complete transparency: agreed outputs focused on achieving agreed goals, at a fixed cost.

Concentrate’s delivery options are based on our experience of what works for tech companies. We can also tailor packages to any specific requirements you have.

These packages are based on clients using the HubSpot platform.

Strategic Partnership

Marketing and sales enablement to drive growth for tech companies.

Starts from $6,825/month

An outsourced marketing capability.

Duration: 3-12 months +


  • An agreed focus on your growth goals
  • Taking responsibility to deliver whatever mix of services are required to realise your goals.
  • Ensuring your HubSpot platform is fit for purpose.
All clients provided with:
  • Dedicated Strategist
  • 90 day content plan
  • Monthly activity plan
  • Live marketing and sales dashboard
  • Quarterly reviews

HubSpot Projects

Helping tech firms tackle specific jobs (e.g. web/CRM projects) and raise in-house capability.

Fixed price per project

Fixed-price execution of one-off projects

Duration: 1 month +

Typical projects include:

  • Website development / re-fresh
  • HubSpot CRM onboarding and training
  • Sales enablement and automation
  • Marketing automation
All clients provided with:
  • Requirements definition and scoping
  • Fixed price budgets
  • Agile project management

Support Team

Helping sales and marketing teams move faster and be more efficient.

Starts from $1,950/month

A diverse team of HubSpot experts available.

Duration: 3-12 months +


  • Complementing your in-house resource
  • Applying specialist knowledge from across our service offering (e.g. HubSpot CRM consulting, automation, optimisation) to campaigns for projects.
All clients provided with:
  • Monthly planning meeting
  • Monthly output plan
  • Agile project management
Concentrate were early adopters of HubSpot. So, their long-term experience with the platform coupled with a deep understanding and knowledge of tech companies, made them a perfect match for us.
Callum Cook

Co-Founder, PTminder

Our marketing and sales activity has become much more aligned. We're getting better at it. We can monitor what works, and what doesn't, and why. We're getting the right messaging out to the right people who are making decisions for their business, and that's key.
Dave Fletcher

Business Development Manager, ENI Engineering Limited.

What I personally find in my own position is really powerful for us is the ability to make something happen quickly and effectively. We can execute with consistency and cadence. We have access to marketing expertise that we just don't have internally, which means we have consistent programs running and activity happening all the time.
Tim Ryley

Chief Executive, Endeavor

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to commit?

We prefer to work with clients on a long-term basis to ensure they can get the maximum value from their investment, and recommend committing to an initial 3-month programme with a view to an ongoing engagement.

What are my obligations?

Clients need to be engaged to make it work. We need you to participate in regular meetings to set goals and review progress, and we also need your expertise to develop quality content to drive campaigns.

How do I know what package suits my company?

The right package depends less on your size and maturity than your desire to grow. Contact a Concentrate consultant to talk through your goals and we can recommend one of our packages, or design a specific offer tailored to your business.

Can Concentrate's services be customised based on our own internal capabilities?

Different clients have different levels of strategic and operational marketing capability. We can tailor our packages to fit with your existing capabilities.

What ROI should I expect?

This case study is a good place to start.
More information about typical returns from investing in HubSpot, across their entire customer base, is here.

What about onboarding?

The first month of a Strategic Partnership is focused on onboarding, to ensure you are setup to get maximum value from your investment. Typically it involves the following activities:

  • Workshop to agree strategy and goals.
  • Persona and keyword development.
  • Content planning.
  • Social media strategy.
  • HubSpot platform setup.
  • User training.
What about GST?

For New Zealand customers, goods and services tax of 15% is charged on top of these package prices. This doesn’t apply for non-New Zealand businesses.

Do I need HubSpot to use these packages?

Yes. We’ve evaluated lots of technologies and believe HubSpot provides the best option for B2B tech companies to automate their marketing and selling.
HubSpot’s pricing is available here. Please note Concentrate clients are not required to pay any HubSpot onboarding fees.