Lead Generation

Implement programmes to improve the efficiency of acquiring new customers.

A ‘lone wolf’ mind-set dominates our approach to selling technology products. Companies rely on the sales team to do everything from finding prospects through to securing a sale, resulting in a high cost of sales and associated long sales cycles.

Concentrate helps you take a ‘wolf pack’ approach to sales. Deploy online and offline strategies to finding, nurturing and qualifying sales leads for the sales team to convert into customers.

HubSpot is marketing automation platform of choice for driving these programmes. Concentrate is a HubSpot Diamond Partner, their premier tier, and Australasia’s largest tech-focussed agency.

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HubSpot New Zealand Diamond Partner Agency | Concentrate

HubSpot implementation and support services

We’re experts in the entire HubSpot Growth Stack, as Australasia’s largest specialist accredited agency for the technology sector.

Technology is proliferating in B2B marketing and sales but how do you apply it in a practical way in your hi-tech business? We are experts at helping technology companies apply the HubSpot platform to their marketing, helping you clarify your requirements, implement, train and optimise to make your sale process more efficient.

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Learn more about our HubSpot services

HubSpot CRM

Streamline your sales process

Benchmarked against US technology companies, our sales teams convert a higher proportion of leads into sales, but at a significantly lower volume. Our sales teams tend to be more expensive and take longer to ramp up to being fully productive.

Relatively low use of CRM and associated sales technology (e.g. email automation and tracking, meeting schedulers) is one contributor to this productivity problem. Concentrate can help you apply good process and HubSpot technology to make your selling process more visible, efficient and cost-effective.

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B2B websites

A website is the hub of B2B lead generation.

Kiwi tech companies aren’t typically getting enough leads from their website, restricted by the technology platform used and having the resources available to support it.

Using a growth driven design philosophy, we can efficiently and cost-effectively develop your website so it consistently delivers leads. Concentrate can manage and modify your existing web platform, or develop a new HubSpot or WordPress website from conceptual design right through to go live.


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Strategic Marketing Advice

Gain clarity about how best to take your technology solution to market.

Concentrate works with the leaders of technology firms to clarify their overall marketing strategy and to answer specific questions about marketing strategy, such as new product development, market expansion or brand repositioning.

We apply our go-to-market framework to all engagements, supporting that with market data gathered from desk, qualitative and quantitative research.


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