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We are on a continual journey to identify what approaches to sales and marketing are most likely to help Kiwi tech companies grow.

The 2017 Market Measures survey is now closed.

The report will be released in early November 2017.

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What does it take to grow?

Market Measures was founded in 2009 by Concentrate as a national study that benchmarks the sales and marketing activity of New Zealand’s technology companies. Since that time Market Measures has built a strong body of knowledge, confirmed some assumptions, and disproved others.

The aim of this survey is to give Kiwi technology companies useful information for planning their sales and marketing strategies. Since 2011 Swaytech has supported Concentrate in producing Market Measures.


We have eight years’ worth of data on how New Zealand technology companies take their innovations to global markets. Here are some useful benchmarks.

  • 327 companies completed the 2016 survey
  • 12% start-up, 34% early growth, 54% established
  • 73% of companies export
  • 5.9 months average lead time
  • 66% sell direct (own sales team)
  • 63% use content marketing
  • 36% Auckland, 32% Canterbury, 15% Wellington
  • 28% focus on a tightly defined market
  • 90% sell B2B
  • 53% of companies sell into the USA
  • 20% HubSpot market share
  • 75% are creating more content than year ago

Annual Benchmarks

Compare yourself against some of these common benchmarks we gather every year in our Market Measures study.

Key indicators

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Annual turnover growth

40% 48% 53% 39% 38% 44% 41%

Companies exporting

77% 85% 69% 77% 77% 68% 73%

Using channel partner in export markets

38% 31% 33% 35% 34%

Sales & marketing expenditure

40% 30% 28% 29% 27% 20% 34%

Sales and marketing expenditure (as % of turnover) by company growth stage

Expense Start-up companies Early growth companies Established companies All companies

Expenditure on employed or contracted sales staff

18.0% 13.7% 9.2% 12.9%

Expenditure on employed or contracted marketing staff

9.9% 7.2% 3.8% 8.8%

Expenditure on non-staff related sales & marketing activity

10.3% 7.2% 4.5% 12.5%

Total expenditure on sales and marketing

38.2% 28.0% 17.6% 34.1%

Sponsor of Market Measures 2017

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New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is the Government’s international business development agency. Our purpose is to grow companies internationally – bigger, better, faster – for the benefit of New Zealand.

We work to increase New Zealand companies’ international success by helping them boost their global reach and build capability. We use our connections and government influence on behalf of businesses, and apply local knowledge – from the NZTE team and a network of private sector experts – to help them enter and grow in international markets.

We also link businesses with services designed to improve efficiency and operations, spark innovation, refine strategy, enhance leadership, and access capital – building the capability they need to be successful. More successful international businesses will grow our economy to benefit all New Zealanders, by providing jobs and raising our standard of living.

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