What technology options make sense?

There’s been an explosion of marketing technology in the last decade, and it is getting harder to make sense of the options and what will suit your needs. We are specialists in B2B marketing for hi-tech companies and know what sort of apps and tactics, from website content management to marketing automation functions (email automation etc) and customer relationship management (CRM), will deliver the best return.

What makes sense depends on your company’s strategy, and can range from a suite of different apps, through to an integrated sales and marketing solution like HubSpot.

After evaluating several technologies, we decided to partner with the world's leading inbound marketing software provider, Boston-based HubSpot. Having qualified as a Diamond Partner, Concentrate is now a key agency for HubSpot in Asia-Pacific and is bringing huge benefits to the sales and marketing programmes of Kiwi technology companies.

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"As one of our first agency partners, Concentrate have played an important role in the growth of HubSpot in New Zealand. They have taken international best practice from HubSpot and applied it with real benefit to their clients, particularly in the hi-tech sector. As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, and with Owen Scott's appointment as the first and only HubSpot Master Trainer in the country, Concentrate are ideally placed to help their clients grow better with the inbound methodology and the HubSpot Growth Platform."


Jeetu Mahtani

Senior VP & Managing Director, International




There are literally thousands of sales and marketing apps out there. We’ve looked at many, tried a few and developed our own list of what’s important to improving your sales and marketing efficiency.

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Concentrate are unashamed advocates of HubSpot as sales and marketing software that can deliver highly efficient growth. We also understand that different solutions are required for companies at different stages of maturity.

It’s critical that you determine your strategy first, and then apply the technology that will enable that approach. Concentrate can work with you on your marketing strategy, determine the best technology to support it and then help you implement and manage it.

As a tech company, you will know choosing the technology is easy, but getting your team to use it effectively is the hard part. We understand and can help your team integrate technology into the way they market and sell your products.

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  • Audit of existing technology
  • HubSpot training
  • Staff coaching and training
  • Lead management process and lead scoring model development
  • Ongoing support, configuration and updates
  • Lead nurturing strategy and implementation
  • Metrics, reporting, analysis and optimisation
  • Advice on a marketing technology stack
  • Integrations (connecting martech tools using integration apps)
  • Agile marketing process design and training
  • HubSpot platform implementation
  • Marketing automation audit
  • Campaign management
  • Implementation support


It’s just what it sounds like. Marketing automation is about automating some of the typical tasks marketers undertake. The idea is that marketers can do more because they have smart tools for tasks such as building landing pages, using social media, doing email marketing and managing their keywords.

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HubSpot Services

Work with Australasia’s largest tech-focused HubSpot agency

HubSpot is sales and marketing software that you can use to build a website, implement marketing activities to drive traffic and leads from it, and then nurture these leads through to paying customers using the in-built CRM.

According to the 2018 Market Measures study, HubSpot is the marketing automation platform of choice for New Zealand technology companies. 20% of firms using this kind of technology are using the HubSpot platform.

As the largest tech-focused HubSpot partner in Australasia, Concentrate can help you get value out of your HubSpot investment. Whether you are evaluating the product and need some assistance assessing whether it will be a good fit with your strategy, through to being a mature HubSpot user that wants to ensure you are getting the most out of the tool, Concentrate can help.

We have expertise in the entire HubSpot suite – HubSpot COS (CMS), the Marketing app and CRM (sales software).

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HubSpot New Zealand Diamond Partner Agency | Concentrate


  • Persona strategy and creation
  • Form design
  • Social media setup and implementation
  • Marketing & sales process integration
  • Inbound C-suite audit & report implementation
  • CRM strategy & integration
  • Website SEO & keyword audit and strategy implementation
  • Website COS
  • Contact database design and setup
  • Email design and workflow development
  • Design and implement analytics and reporting
  • Inbound sales training
  • Advanced workflows strategy implementation
  • Content audit & creation strategy
  • Buyer’s journey website audit & strategy implementation


The only result that really matters with your marketing technology investment is closing sales.

We’re marketers, not sales people, but we understand how marketing technology can be used to develop qualified leads for the sales team, and to provide sales people with useful information and tools to nurture their leads.

Our expertise is in the HubSpot CRM tool, from process design through to implementation and management. We also support integration into other standard CRMs, such as SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, SugarCRM, Pipedrive and more.

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  • Sales technology and process audit
  • Sales and marketing technology strategy
  • Ongoing support, configuration and updates
  • Closed-loop reporting and tracking
  • Inbound Sales Training
  • CRM Strategy & Integration
  • Process mapping and design
  • CRM platform installation and setup
  • Lead management process development
  • Marketing & Sales Process Integration
  • Inbound C-Suite Audit & Report Implementation