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Concentrate are experts in designing, building and managing lead generating websites for B2B tech companies.

Generate more leads from your website

Growth comes from generating leads for your sales teams. A significant proportion of that demand should come through digital channels (SEO, PPC, email, social) and be converted on your website.

According to Market Measures, tech companies struggle at converting effectively beyond the 2,000 unique visitors per month mark. Your website should be the hub of lead generation activity, converting around 4% of traffic to leads.

B2B Websites

HubSpot CMS Hub

Concentrate uses the HubSpot Content Management System (CMS) Hub to develop B2B websites for tech companies.

HubSpot’s CMS is a combined CMS and CRM that enables you to personalise your entire customer's journey from their first visit to the website to every other interaction afterwards.

As your relationship grows with your customers, your website can evolve.

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Research, design and planning

Modern CMS’ are powerful and user-friendly tools. To harness this power you need to clearly identify the business outcome of a new website, target personas, how it should look and feel, budget and timetable.

We help you create a rock-solid platform you need to create a website that operates as a lead generating machine.

Research, design and planning includes:

Recent website projects

Who have we helped?

Concentrate used HubSpot CMS Hub to help Rose Batteries grow its authority online.

Rose Batteries' new website has not only created a better channel for lead generation but has enabled the team to streamline their entire sales process and match their digital presence with their physical one.

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Website build phase

Concentrate uses HubSpot’s Growth-Driven Design Methodology (GDD) to deliver a smarter approach to web design that reduces the frustration and risk of traditional web design. GDD is agile development or redesign of a website in intentional increments. Making continuous adaptations based on data and not labouring to make every element of your site perfect before leaving it to sit static online for a few years.

We partner with you to iteratively create a website platform that is easy to control and fits with your growth strategy.

Website build includes:

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Testing and go-live

As your digital front door, quality assurance is critical to a successful website project. This includes checking that the form and function of the website is consistent with the project plan, that the copy and imagery are approved, and that all technical setup activity (e.g. SEO optimisation) has been completed.

We work with your IT team to ensure a smooth go-live process.

Testing and go-live includes:

B2B websites are the heart of a company’s lead generation efforts. Read our guide to B2B lead generation.

Continuous improvement

The drive to improve productivity.

Go-live is the start, not the end of the website development process. You need to consistently add content to your website, while also reviewing analytics to identify opportunities for optimisation.

We can help consistently build your website, and implement improvements aimed at high rates of conversion.

Continuous improvement includes:

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