Digital Marketing

The B2B buyer journey largely takes place online. If you are not engaging digitally with prospects, you are increasingly invisible.

Concentrate will help you get noticed, engage and convert more leads.

Delivering sales efficiency

An effective digital marketing programme delivers a stream of qualified leads to your sales team, ensuring they can focus on closing business.

Market Measures data shows tech firms don’t support their sales teams enough with effective digital lead generation.

We can plan, create, deliver and report on effective digital lead generation campaigns that your sales team will love.

Digital Marketing

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Building a strong foundation

Digital has made marketing easier, faster and more measurable than ever before. Which makes having a clear strategy critical – you need to know who you are targeting with what proposition, towards what result.

Concentrate can help you gain clarity around the key marketing questions that form the foundation of your go-to-market.

Foundation building includes:

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Generate more website traffic

Your website is the hub of your lead generation efforts. A great website engages your target personas and supports them on their buyer journey.

But it must be findable. Accessible to your audience through whatever digital channels they prefer to use.

Concentrate can ensure your website is found by the decision-makers and decision-influencers in your target markets.

Traffic generation includes:

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Convert more leads

Most B2B tech firms need to be converting at least 2% of their website visitors to leads (i.e. new contacts to your database). HubSpot’s benchmark is 5%.

But only 15% of your website visitors are ready to have a sales conversation – the remainder are in various stages of buyer research. We help you engage with these buyers right through their journey.

We can help you to optimise your website for greater conversions through both organic and paid channels.

Lead conversion includes:

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Nurture leads and close sales

B2B buying cycles can be long, complex and involve numerous people. Digital marketing can help keep target buyers connected with your proposition all the way through their decision process.

We can help you design and implement automated tactics to support buyers, form workflow emails to email re-engagement campaigns to personalised content.

Lead nurturing includes:

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