Pivot engaged with Concentrate to help expand into the Australian market.

Working with Concentrate, over a 12 month period, Pivot witnessed a 65% increase in their contact database and 211% jump in Marketing Qualified Leads


The Client

Pivot provides human resource software solutions that improve organisations effectiveness

Pivot Software provides human resource software solutions that enable organisations to improve the effectiveness of key processes like remuneration and performance management. They enable their clients to improve their control over the complex and often emotional human resource processes. They are human resource professionals who understand how well-managed remuneration and performance management processes contribute to employee engagement.

Pivot software solutions are used by organisations with workforces ranging from 400 to more than 6000 in sectors like banking, insurance, utilities, retail and government. Clients include brands like Westpac, Meridian, IAG and The Warehouse.

Delivered as software-as-a-service, their solutions are configured to their clients needs and fit with any corporate IT infrastructure.

The Challenge

The desire to grow

Pivot had no internal marketing capability but recognised the need as they looked to expand into the Australian market, as well as growing their local footprint.

With only a handful of staff, Pivot was a small company and was focussing on other business aspects as opposed to marketing. They just didn’t have the resources to undertake it.

In 2005 following a Chamber of Commerce introduction, Pivot engaged with Concentrate to help expand into the Australian market. Starting off with marketing strategy and fundamental work such as market definition and launch plans, they have since matured into successful lead generation activities.

As Concentrate grew as a company, Pivot has grown alongside them, being the first to adopt new initiatives and build online systems with them.

"Concentrate has helped us get momentum, driving online lead generation and using their deep experience in the tech sector to provide quality advice."
Chris Youngman

Sales and Marketing Director, Pivot Software

Results and Impact

Content marketing pioneers

Pivot were our pioneering clients for the content marketing approach and have moved through from traditional offline methods of promotion to online lead generation. Pivot have always been strong thought leaders which has helped to drive some really top-class content and subsequent lead generation campaigns.

Now that they have achieved significant success in the Australian market, Pivot are looking to expand even further afield and Concentrate are proud to be staying on their journey with them.