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Challenges in manufacturing

The New Zealand manufacturing sector's share of GDP has hit a historic low. Why is that?

Slow adoption of new technologies

  • New Zealand's manufacturing sector has been slow to embrace new technologies.
  • Need for increased utilisation of advanced technologies.

Industry 4.0 causing disruption

  • The advent of Industry 4.0 is causing disruption in the manufacturing landscape.
  • The overall pace of 4.0 adoption falls short of making a significant impact.

Productivity challenges and low adoption rates

  • The adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies is seen as a potential remedy.
  • The overall rate and speed of adoption remain below the level required to make a difference in productivity figures.

Manufacturers are also grappling with inconsistent demand, making it difficult to predict and plan for production.

What this is all means is that New Zealand's manufacturing sector stands at a crossroads, grappling with the imperative to embrace Industry 4.0 for sustainable growth. Overcoming barriers related to technology adoption, demand fluctuations, and financial constraints is crucial for the sector's resilience and competitiveness.

How the HubSpot CRM helps manufacturers

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a CRM that helps you find new ways to grow. From generating more sales enquiries from your website, to closing more sales deals to upselling existing customers, HubSpot and Concentrate can make it happen.


What makes HubSpot different?

At the heart of HubSpot is its innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Unlike traditional CRMs, HubSpot's CRM goes beyond mere contact management, offering a dynamic platform that integrates marketing, sales, and customer service.

  • Source of truth on customers - every touchpoint, from website visits and email engagements to social media interactions, is tracked and consolidated in a centralised dashboard. This comprehensive view empowers teams to understand customer behaviour and tailor their interactions accordingly.
  • Integration of marketing, sales, and customer service - this integration allows for a cohesive approach to customer engagement, ensuring that all departments work together towards a unified goal.
  • Automation and personalisation - the CRM leverages automation to simplify repetitive tasks and enhance efficiency. From automating email campaigns to lead scoring and nurturing, the CRM enables businesses to personalise their interactions at scale. This automation not only saves time but also ensures that every engagement is relevant and meaningful.
  • Scalability and customisation - as your business evolves, the CRM adapts to meet changing needs, making it a long-term solution for sustainable growth.
  • Innovative approach to inbound methodology - by focusing on building meaningful relationships through valuable content and personalised interactions, the CRM aligns with modern customer-centric strategies. This approach not only attracts leads but also nurtures them through the entire customer journey.
  • User-friendly interface and accessibility - businesses of all sizes can adopt and leverage its functionalities. Its intuitive design ensures that users can easily navigate through the system, promoting widespread adoption across diverse teams.

The HubSpot Hubs

Each HubSpot hub is crafted to address specific business needs, but when used together, they create a unified ecosystem that supports the entire customer lifecycle, from attracting leads to closing deals and providing ongoing customer service.

Service Hub

Designed to help businesses deliver exceptional customer service and support. It includes tools for managing customer tickets, automating service processes, and gathering feedback.


This Hub focuses on content management, offering a powerful platform for building and managing websites. It enables users to create and optimise content easily, personalise user experiences, and track performance. CMS Hub is suitable for businesses looking to enhance their online presence with a flexible and scalable content management system.

Marketing Hub

Includes tools for creating and managing marketing campaigns, automating workflows, and analysing performance. Marketing Hub facilitates lead generation, lead nurturing, and the creation of targeted and personalised content to attract, engage, and delight potential customers.

Sales Hub

Tailored for sales teams, providing tools for managing leads, automating outreach, and closing deals more efficiently. It includes features like contact and lead management, email tracking, and document sharing. Sales Hub is designed to streamline the sales process, enhance communication, and increase overall sales productivity.

What sales and marketing technology is right for your manufacturing business?

With the right technology, you can drive your sales and marketing more efficiently, and have better visibility of the results. In this eGuide, we outline the key components of a comprehensive sales and marketing tech stack, and the different products you can use to build it.

Can HubSpot integrate with your existing manufacturing software and tools?

HubSpot is a modern software platform designed for versatility. With native connections to over 5,000 modern applications, including legacy systems, HubSpot ensures integration with your existing ERP, MRP, inventory systems and financial systems.

Key points:

  • Versatile integration - HubSpot's open API allows integration with various manufacturing software, be it ERPs or other tools.
  • Centralised operations - HubSpot serves as a central repository, managing marketing, sales, and post-sale customer service. It consolidates client interactions, creating a single source of truth.
  • Comprehensive reporting - HubSpot features powerful reporting capabilities. HubSpot's dashboard not only generates reports from its data but also integrates external reports. Monitor new leads, track sales, and project future growth, all in one centralised location.

HubSpot ensures that critical data from various tools converges into one unified platform. This integration not only streamlines processes but also provides a holistic view of marketing tactics, attributing success and identifying areas for improvement. You can break down silos and create a unified source of truth, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of different strategies and campaigns. This cohesive approach equips your teams with the knowledge of what works, facilitating data-driven decisions and fostering a more efficient, collaborative, and growth-focused operational environment.

Manufacturing excellence with HubSpot

Don’t just take our word for it.


Rose Batteries' move into inbound with a website driving 25% more traffic

Concentrate used HubSpot CMS Hub to help Rose Batteries grow its authority online.

"We have an excellent homepage now, when companies or engineers come to our website, they choose to click on the contact us page versus bouncing out because we look like an old nineties company."

- Itamar Frankenthal, Rose Batteries CEO

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Wyma drives sales efficiency with inbound marketing

Smart approach delivers 280% lead growth on 20% rise in website traffic.

"They have the expertise and knowledge, and everyone on the team is really personable. They didn’t just provide a cookie-cutter solution; this was tailored for us. We’ve really enjoyed our interactions with the team at Concentrate, they’re fun to work with."

- Penny Bateman, Wyma Group Marketing Manager


HubSpot a breath of fresh air to sales efficiency at Aeroqual

Read how tech brand Aeroqual resolved communication silos by migrating disparate systems to the HubSpot CRM Platform.

"We can now drill into analytics to produce reports that inform our processes and opportunities for improvement. Lead source analysis has informed our sales process and marketing spend more intelligently."

- Paul Pickering, VP International Sales, Aeroqual

Why work with a HubSpot agency like Concentrate?

At Concentrate, we bring a unique blend of industry experience and technological expertise to the table. Our team comprises professionals with backgrounds in tech, manufacturing, and engineering, ensuring a deep understanding of science and engineering-based industries. We recognise the brilliance of those creating innovative solutions but understand the challenges in systemising the sales process. That's where we excel — transforming your sales approach into a well-oiled machine. Our meticulous approach includes setting up detailed notifications and alerts to ensure no opportunity goes unnoticed. Leveraging our extensive experience and insights gained through research with Market Measures, we guide you with proven tactics that work, eliminating guesswork.

A common strategy employed by Kiwi manufacturing businesses in sales involves owners or senior executives personally spearheading the entire sales initiative. Initially, this approach is logical, given that these roles typically possess the necessary technical expertise or business acumen to tailor solutions to customer needs and provide flexibility on pricing.

Nevertheless, this method lacks scalability, and as businesses expand, reproducing this hands-on approach becomes challenging. We know from experience that when we systemised sales, you're mitigating the risk of that one single point of failure - which is if you lose that one salesperson, then you lose your sales machine.

Hunt for the sales unicorn

Grab this eBook on building a 'machine' to grow your manufacturing business in 2024

What we offer

As a premier HubSpot partner, we offer a holistic approach to Revenue Operations (RevOps) lifecycle management, ensuring integration and optimisation across all HubSpot hubs. As experts in all Hubs, we provide comprehensive support for manufacturing companies, from attracting leads and closing deals to delivering exceptional customer service. What sets Concentrate apart is our ability to tailor HubSpot solutions to the specific needs of manufacturing, enabling your business to navigate challenges effectively and realise the full potential of your operations.

Digital marketing

You’ll get more leads, more qualified, more often. As experts in B2B lead generation we develop, implement and measure digital marketing programmes that deliver qualified leads for your sales team:

  • We deliver sales efficiency
  • We’ll help you build a strong foundation
  • Your website traffic will get a boost
  • You’ll convert more leads
  • We’ll help you nurture leads and close sales

Marketing automation

We’ll help you leverage HubSpot’s Marketing Hub so you can streamline your marketing programmes while increasing visibility to results. You’ll benefit from:

  • Agility - tailored solutions for agile marketing strategies, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to evolving business needs
  • Automation and reporting - implementation of robust automation processes, coupled with comprehensive reporting mechanisms, providing real-time insights into the performance of your marketing initiatives
  • Implementation and onboarding - integrate HubSpot's Marketing Hub into your existing ecosystem, with a thorough onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition and immediate functionality
  • Execution – we’ll help you leverage HubSpots' features to their full potential, ensuring campaigns are not only well-planned but flawlessly executed
  • Continual improvement - regular analysis of data and refining strategies based on insights, ensuring your marketing efforts are always optimised for maximum impact

CRM & sales enablement

We’ll equip your sales team with the tools to make them more productive, while being able to measure progress more effectively. We’ll help you align your marketing and sales teams, along with a CRM that reflects and supports your actual sales process.

  • CRM - implementation and optimisation of a CRM system tailored to your business needs. This includes configuring the CRM to reflect and support your unique sales processes
  • Align sales & marketing – this promotes collaboration and synergy and ensures both teams work cohesively toward common goals
  • Sales enablement - strategies and tools that equip your sales team with the resources they need for success. This includes providing them with the right content, training, and technology to drive effective customer interactions.


Do I need to engage with buyers online if I sell B2B?

Absolutely. In the past five years, B2B buying behavior has evolved, resembling B2C patterns, especially post-Covid. Buyers extensively research online before reaching out to a salesperson. A compelling online presence is crucial. If you're not visible and persuasive online, your competitors might be, and your potential buyer is likely to contact them instead.

Does HubSpot still apply to us since we are focusing on growing existing accounts rather than securing new customers?

Yes, it does. HubSpot is invaluable for proactive selling within existing accounts. By recording past sales and renewals, it provides visibility for upcoming opportunities, ensuring you stay ahead in nurturing and expanding relationships with your existing client base.

Does HubSpot replace any existing systems?

Whether you have disparate systems like MailChimp or legacy CRMs, HubSpot consolidates your technologies. It replaces outdated CRMs, email software, and even data scattered in Excel spreadsheets, offering a central repository for contacts, companies, and deals.

Does HubSpot integrate with my ERP system?

HubSpot offers flexible integration options. You decide what elements need to communicate, and HubSpot can connect with your ERP system, ensuring smooth data flow.

I already have a CRM capability in my ERP, so why should I use HubSpot?

Your existing ERP probably lacks a mobile app, and teams on the road might find the user experience frustrating. HubSpot offers a mobile-friendly experience, with proactive updates and alerts that traditional CRMs may lack.

What does HubSpot cost?

HubSpot has a range of prices, including a free plan. Pricing plans change depending on the size of your organisation and what your requirements are. Check out the pricing here.

What are the limitations of HubSpot?

HubSpot, being a cloud platform with annual contracts, may not suit on-premise preferences. Some advanced features, such as A/B testing, may be exclusive to higher-tier plans.

Will HubSpot work out of the box or does it need to be tailored for Manufacturing?

While HubSpot works out of the box, it's beneficial to configure it to your unique sales process. Using a HubSpot accredited agency will help you achieve this.

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