Customer success

Happy customers are a huge asset for any B2B tech company; they're easier to service, less likely to churn and are open to upsell opportunities.

Delight customers with HubSpot's Service Hub

In a digital age, the happiness (or otherwise) of your customers is easily discoverable by prospects, making supportive customers a key part of your growth strategy.

HubSpot enables you to bring customer service information and engagement channels together on one CRM platform. This means you can more efficiently onboard, support and grow your customer base.

We can help you implement Service Hub to align with your existing processes, connect it with your CRM and provide rich reporting dashboards.

Customer Success

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Help desk and ticketing

Bring all of your customer communications channels into one place, so customer service team members can efficiently triage and respond. Use tickets to track and resolve issues effectively.

Concentrate can advise you how best to deploy the powerful tools within Service Hub to satisfy customers and empower your team to respond effectively.

Help desk and ticketing includes:

Aeroqual resolved communication silos by migrating disparate systems to the HubSpot CRM platform.


Creating a win-win with knowledge bases

A rich online knowledge base answering recurring customer questions can both make the user experience and reduce the load on your support team.

We can help you convert those common questions into a searchable library of documentation, articles and videos.

Knowledge base includes:

The ultimate guide to HubSpot for B2B tech. Read how tech companies can use HubSpot to drive their growth.

Taking your customer's pulse

Regular feedback mechanisms are key to ensuring your customers feel heard and valued. Connecting this feedback to your HubSpot CRM enables you to respond to any issues quickly and effectively.

Customer feedback includes:

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