Marketing automation

Modern B2B marketers want to do more, faster and have a clear idea of the results. Marketing automation is a key part of the mix, empowering marketing teams to focus on what helps their businesses grow.

Injecting agility into your marketing

It's getting tougher for companies to drive marketing momentum without the right tech on board.

If you're struggling with an incohesive tech stack, where our marketing processes are working separately from each other, you won't be getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

That's where marketing automation comes in. It's about using software to automate tedious, repetitive tasks, so that your sales and marketing teams can focus on building customer relationships and business growth. It's a combination of software, strategy, and customer-centricity, allowing you to nurture prospects with personalised, useful content and workflows.

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub can transform the efficiency and visibility of your marketing. Concentrate helps you get started properly and hit the lead generation ground running, with an eye on continuous improvement.

Automation and reporting

Automation is at the heart of HubSpot’s value, enabling you to efficiently provide a better buyer's journey for your prospects. It’s also a tool that needs to be carefully designed and executed to deliver value.

Based on hundreds of use cases for B2B tech, we can advise you on best practice automation, and design workflows that generate conversion.

HubSpot also provides a rich capability to gain an end-to-end view of the buyer journey, from first touch to closed and won deal.

Not only can you evaluate the effectiveness of different tactics, but you can also prove to your business the value of investing in marketing to generate and nurture leads.

Concentrate’s expert team can help you scope the best reports to access and build dashboards for live reporting for the marketing team and other managers.

Automation and reporting includes:

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Implementing and onboarding successfully

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a powerful platform, but it’s only as good as how well it’s been implemented and the training your team is given. To get the best return on investment, you need to ensure Marketing Hub can deliver quality leads as quickly as possible, and those leads are being accurately recorded in your CRM.

Implementation services includes:

"We're very focused together on what we're doing. We're getting good cadence with lead generation activities that are creating great brand awareness and sales opportunities for us. We've got a really good platform and engine working together now that provides consistent activity."

Campaign execution

The best advice we received when first implementing HubSpot for our business in 2013, was to get and implement a campaign as soon as possible. You get to learn about all the moving parts involved, and what sort of lead quality you can generate.

Concentrate have implemented hundreds of inbound campaigns for HubSpot customers. We can partner with your business to set up the initial one and help your team to learn and develop from it.

Campaign launch includes:

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Continuous improvement

Once your HubSpot platform is humming, there are a suite of advanced tools that we can help deploy to keep improving your return on investment.

We can design and implement these for you or provide advice and training so you can develop in-house capability.

Continuous improvement includes:

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