Want more sales leads, more qualified, more often?

If you're a tech company then Concentrate is the perfect fit.
Tech is all we do, and what we know.

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We help New Zealand’s smartest technology firms find and grow markets for their products.

From uncovering the most profitable market segments, to sharpening your value proposition through to implementing engaging, productive lead generation campaigns, we can help.


Gain clarity about how best to take your technology solution to market. We help you answer your toughest marketing questions quickly and with confidence.

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We can help get more people using your innovations. Whether it’s digital - leveraging the HubSpot marketing automation platform - or traditional methods, we build and execute measurable lead generation programmes.

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How does the marketing of your tech company stack up? We can benchmark it against best practice, gathered from seven years of Market Measures studies.

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Marketing Technology

Technology is transforming the efficiency of marketing and sales, from automating lead generation through to empowering sales with lead intelligence. We can help design, implement and manage the best technology. And we’re HubSpot experts.

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Industry Focus

We believe market focus is what drives successful technology companies, and it’s a philosophy we’ve adopted in our own business. Tech is all we do, and what we know.

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We know what makes software businesses tick, and how to help them grow.

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From defining market positioning to building channel development programmes, we can help.

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Specialised Manufacturing

Need help boiling down complex products into workable commercial propositions, and then generating demand for that offer?

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IT Services

Helping services businesses stand out from the crowd is key. We know how.

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