Does your business have the right skillsets needed to grow?

Tech companies face a few specific challenges when trying to grow. Getting investment capital and access to large customer markets are two of the most common, but both lead generation and talent acquisition are right up there too.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and the same can be said for your business. Everything’s easier when you have the right team – teamwork makes the dream work after all. But what does a good team look like?

Lead gen is a complex and involves a range of inputs and expertise to not only implement but execute well. So, what skillsets should you look for to enable lead generation and foster growth in your business? We've outlined a few key ones below. Eager to see where your team sits? Try our benchmark quiz.

1. Strategic thinking

You'll need at least one person who is accountable for the overall lead generation strategy. They should have a broad understanding of each lead gen requirement and how it plays a hand in your overall strategy. While they might have an advanced skillset in one specific marketing field, they're value is in continuous improvement. Their strengths lie in identifying opportunities for lead gen and knowing when to implement them.

2. Content creation

You might be familiar with the phrase, content is king. There's a reason it's a cliché statement - it's true. Especially in B2B lead generation. When it comes to lead generation, your content essentially acts as the heartbeat of all other activity. Good content creation can take many forms but without it, consider your lead gen lifeless.

3. SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about being searchable on search engines like Google. It can be used for both organic and paid tactics and will help your content get in the hands of the right people. More than a buzzword, it's a foundation of your lead gen strategy and you need someone with a strong understanding of the discipline.

4. Social media marketing

There's more to social media than meets the eye, to truly get the most out of it you need to do more than just post, you need to optimise. A good social media marketer will understand each channel, and the best ways to engage and promote your business across them. Like content and SEO, it's a fine-tuned craft.

5. Paid advertising

To get the most out of the money you put in paid advertising requires a level of understanding past the initial post. Your team will need to understand each channel, how to optimise your ads for it and the audience it attracts.

6. Marketing automation

When you automate, you enable your team to do more and provide potential buyers with a better experience. When your team can do more, they achieve more. CRMs enable staff to save LOTS of time on a variety of tasks but to get the most out of yours you'll need a technical expert who can set it up in a way your team can glean value.

How many of these skills do you have in your team today? In other words, how well set up is your team to grow your tech business? Find out with our benchmark quiz.

Based on real data from tech companies, it will help you work out where there might be some gaps in your marketing team's roster.

This quiz is perfect if you’re looking to:

  • Outline your marketing team's strongest and weakest skills
  • Pinpoint performance gaps and areas to improve upon
  • Uncover tech marketing trends and benchmarks
  • Understand your team's capacity to meet organisation goals

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