Patrick KeoWe are proud to announce that our Marketing Consultant (Design Lead), Patrick Keo, has been voted in as a new Canterbury Tech committee member for 2018. Canterbury Tech (formerly known as Canterbury Software Cluster) is a non-profit organisation helping Canterbury’s tech sector succeed at home and worldwide.

Along with fellow new member (and fellow EPIC building tenant) Fiona Ambler of Treshna Enterprises, Pat will be joining nine other committee members next year to help connect, inspire and grow the Canterbury tech community.

Pat has been involved in the tech sector in New Zealand for the past seven years. Five of those years have been with Concentrate where he has helped Kiwi tech companies increase their market share or reach within New Zealand and overseas.

He is passionate about the sector and wants to help it grow even more. Pat brings 10 years of marketing experience to the committee in a wide range of different marketing disciplines. Being involved with Canterbury tech companies everyday also gives him first-hand knowledge and awareness of issues and challenges they are facing.

Pat believes the top three opportunities to advance the tech sector in Canterbury are:

#1 Tell people about it

The sector in Canterbury is a reflection of the sector as a whole. Tech is the quiet achiever in this country, contributing billions of dollars to the economy, yet the average person on the street would have no idea of the significance of tech. The perception is that we are a country of agriculture and tourism, which is fair enough as they are our top two contributors to GDP, but we need to talk ourselves up a bit more to get more exposure.

#2 Involve younger generations

It’s a long-term strategy, but there’s a great opportunity to get more involvement from schools in the region. Children are already immersed in technology, but it would be great to help students take that extra step from simply using technology, to understanding how it works and creating something new.

#3 Greater community/public involvement

This is related to the first two points, but there’s an opportunity to show off what the Canterbury tech sector is doing to the general public. It doesn’t have to be an event, it could be a website, social media page or some other collaboration forum to involve the general public to work together with the tech sector to create something for the city or region, and at the same time showcase what we’re doing or can do.


Canterbury Tech is a supporter of Market Measures – an annual study of the New Zealand tech industry’s sales and marketing activity. Click here to get your copy of the 2017 Market Measures report.

2017 Market Measures report

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