DIY not good enough to drive sales growth in your Kiwi tech company

Why you need to start using tech to sell more of your tech

Prefer to listen? Join our techweek webinar on 18 May for more on how you can use tech to sell more of your tech.

It's no secret that us Kiwi's love a bit of good ol' DIY. It's the basis of our identity, and the reason we've been seen as world-leading inventors since day dot.

However, while it has helped us to develop a technology sector worth writing home about, as discovered in our Market Measures report, it has also proven to be the reason why so many New Zealand start-ups fail to get up off the ground. We're so used to doing it all ourselves, when it comes to sales and marketing, we can sometimes overlook options to outsource.

For example, the average Kiwi tech company doesn't generate enough proportion of leads from marketing activity, leaving too much for the sales teams to do. In our survey, indirect marketing (e.g. email campaigns, advertising, social media, etc.) was the primary source of sales leads for 36% of NZ companies, compared to 80% in the US.

So, what's the difference? In New Zealand, we're too reliant on our salespeople. These ‘sales unicorns’ are capable of walking the walk and talking the talk; they have the technical prowess and business savvy to close sales—so we've relied on them to. And while this approach works and has been the backbone of NZ tech sales for some time, it's not a scalable or sustainable solution long term (unless you've figured out an ethical way to clone).

In the US, tech companies and salespeople are more open to outsourcing and tend to make better use of the technology available to sell their tech. On average, US tech companies will use 4 sales enablement tools per team. In our survey, high growth Kiwi companies use 2.9 and the rest 1.9. For our US counterparts, this heightened adoption of marketing and sales technology has helped them to achieve 33% more quality conversions a day.

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There are plenty of benefits of using tech to tell more of your tech, but when it comes to implementing the right technology stack to sell yours it's time to start looking past what has worked well previously to what is working best now.

As you know, the tech scene moves quickly. While many high-growth companies have made use of multiple tools in the past, more and more are looking toward software solutions that can do it all; they want an all-in-one comprehensive system that is feature-rich and fancy-free.

One key player at the heart of it all is the HubSpot CRM platform. But what makes it so special? And what results can it help your teams to generate?

This tech week, we're hosting a webinar where we discuss how tech companies can use tech to sell more of their tech. We'll touch base on:

  • What high-growth tech companies are using now and why
  • What results they're generating and what you can achieve following suit
  • How to find and implement the right sales and marketing tech stack for your business

In other words, we're handing over our playbook. For more information, and to register your interested head on over to our events page.


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