40% of Kiwi tech companies identify Sales Efficiency as their No.1 obstacle to faster growth* and a third of them use no sales enablement technologies at all. Yet, we have a lead-to-customer conversion rate of 38%. This when the global benchmark for B2B technology sales is close to 10%*.

Imagine the business growth we could unshackle if we could make lead generation and sales efficiency work like a well-oiled machine.

Let’s make it happen by

  1. Better aligning our sales teams
  2. Leveraging the best technology
  3. Doubling down on the lead-gen tactics that work and getting rid of the ones that don’t.

Get sales and marketing teams working together as one – constant communication / feedback loop.” – Market Measures respondent


Implementing robust sales processes, developing sales and execution skills, hiring well, and being aware of the technologies to support the sales and marketing functions are vital to being successful overseas. –  Charles Haddrell, Customer Director, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

If you realise that your business needs

  1. a smarter and more efficient way of  generating new business,
  2. visibility into ROI of lead generation efforts,
  3. a scalable approach to generating export sales, and
  4. sales and marketing technology that actually works,

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