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HubSpot is one of the world’s top marketing automation software providers. Selling in a B2B environment, they offer software product that companies can use to automate the digital marketing efforts that they undertake. They are arguably one of the best companies in the world at engaging with their audience online, and are highly regarded for their content marketing, truly practicing what they preach.

So what makes them so successful? It’s how often they are producing and promoting content. Albeit with a huge digital marketing team at the ready, HubSpot are a content producing machine. Reading through their blog today, they have posted 10 new blogs in the last day across their three business focus streams. Accompanying these are countless tweets, Facebook updates and LinkedIn messages.

For the standard company that lacks a team of writing wizards, this is an unrealistic target. However, Kiwi tech companies can learn something from this. Frequently producing content will increase your traffic and subsequently the leads through your website.

This is something that our US counterparts already know and are doing well. In the recent Market Measures benchmarking survey, we compared the frequency of producing content. The US are completely outplaying Kiwi companies. 43% of US technology companies said they produce content weekly or multiple times per week compared to only 24% of Kiwi technology companies.

US technology companies also stated that the majority of their sales leads come from online lead generation, utilising tactics such as social media and blogging. This is in comparison to only 23% of Kiwi companies.

If you look closely at the content HubSpot are producing, there are only 15 or so key topics they cover, all common issues that their target market face on a daily basis. A lot of blogs are rehashed, tweaked, or referenced to create the new content being published. So while they are publishing frequently, they aren’t reinventing the wheel each time; rather they are keeping it rolling.

In the world of social media, half an hour can be all it takes for your message to be lost forever. With such fast paced timelines, it takes some great timing and a good deal of luck to get one message to reach the people you are targeting.

Tactics that are being used by successful companies such as HubSpot include posting as regularly as every 10 minutes. This isn’t the same message again and again and again every 10 minutes of the day for the entire week, but rather staggered key points of the content they’re promoting. Those 10 blogs of HubSpot will all be promoted during the day and will all get multiple social messages against them. Slightly tweaked messages and frequent reposting can help increase the chances of your message being seen amongst the social noise.

Companies like HubSpot are leading the way in content marketing, proving to the rest of the world that to increase your traffic and leads, you need to increase the frequency that you are posting content. This is where Kiwi technology companies should be looking to head and become content producing machines in their own right.

For more US technology benchmarking insights, download the 2015 Market Measures report “Bringing knives to a gunfight” where you will learn how Kiwi technology companies are unequipped in the online lead generation gunfight.

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