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June 13, 2024
HubSpot May 2024 Updates: Concentrate’s Favourite New Features

Concentrate's Curated Favourites

As a proud HubSpot partner, we're excited to share some of our favourite updates from the May 2024 product update. These enhancements will streamline your processes and help boost efficiency across various business functions. Here’s a look at the most impactful updates this month.

1. HubSpot’s Service Hub - Connect HubSpot Tickets to Slack and Sync Replies

Customer service teams often struggle with managing communications across multiple platforms, which can lead to delays in response times and a fragmented support process.

The new integration of HubSpot tickets with Slack addresses this issue by allowing customer service teams to link HubSpot tickets directly to Slack channels. Whenever there’s a reply to a ticket, the response syncs in real-time, ensuring seamless collaboration without the need to switch between platforms. This integration enhances communication, speeds up resolution times, and centralises ticket management, making it a significant boost for customer support operations.

This update enhances team collaboration and speeds up response times by allowing support teams to manage tickets directly within Slack. A seamless connection which reduces the need to switch between platforms, boosting productivity and ensuring real-time updates and accountability—making it a 'supportive' solution for all support teams!
Mevuni Mendis

HubSpot Projects Manager

*Available to Service Hub Pro+ customers

2. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub - New Ads Attribution Filters

Marketers need detailed insights into ad performance to optimise their strategies effectively. Traditional attribution methods often lack the granularity required to accurately measure the impact of individual ads.

HubSpot's new Ads Attribution Filters provide more granular insights into ad performance, allowing marketers to attribute conversions and engagements more accurately across various campaigns and channels. This enhancement helps marketers understand which ads are driving the most value, enabling more effective allocation of ad spend and strategic adjustments to maximise ROI.

With this feature, you can analyse your advertising ROI and insights based on the types of interactions contacts have had with your ads. You can track ROI from initial ad touches or measure the deal value attributed to re-engagement interactions. These granular insights empower you to make more informed decisions.
Caralyza Edwin

RevOps Specialist

*Available to Marketing Hub Pro+ customers

3. Content Hub – Blog Post Narration

Creating engaging and accessible content is a challenge for many marketers and content creators.

HubSpot's new 'Blog Post Narration' feature addresses these challenges by allowing marketers to easily generate audio versions of your blog posts. This feature enhances user engagement by providing an alternative way to consume content, catering to different preferences and accessibility needs. You can try this feature at the top of this blog.

Concentrate’s Head of Digital Marketing Lisa Maloney is excited about this feature.

People learn in a multitude of ways (visual, audio, written, kinesthetic), HubSpot's Content Hub blog narration feature is an excellent addition to any marketers toolbox as it caters to an additional learning type. This helps marketers and business leaders alike engage their audiences in a more diverse and inclusive way.
Lisa Maloney

Head of Digital Marketing

*Available to Marketing Hub and Content Hub Pro+ customers

4. HubSpot CRM update – Sync Property Type

Managing data across various objects in CRM systems often involves repetitive manual entry and complex workflows to keep property values in sync. This manual synchronization process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, leading to data inconsistencies and inefficiencies. These challenges create data silos, making it difficult for teams to access and utilise the information they need promptly and accurately.

HubSpot's new 'Sync Properties' feature is designed to streamline data management by automatically copying property values across different objects within the CRM. This feature eliminates the need for manual entry or elaborate workflows to keep properties in sync. By ensuring data consistency and alignment across objects, 'Sync Properties' allows admins to maintain up-to-date information effortlessly. This update effectively removes cross-object data silos and simplifies the process of managing data, making it readily available where and when it's needed.

This feature is a game-changer! Previously, we had to set up numerous workflows to sync information between objects, but now it's built directly into the property itself. For instance, deals can be created immediately with known lead information, saving valuable time and improving transparency!
Caralyza Edwin

RevOps Specialist

*Pro+ customers

5. Sales Hub – LinkedIn CRM Sync

Sales teams and marketers often face challenges in seamlessly integrating their LinkedIn activities with their CRM systems. This disjointed setup can lead to inefficient tracking of LinkedIn engagements, difficulty in maintaining up-to-date CRM data, and challenges in measuring the ROI of LinkedIn ad campaigns.

HubSpot and LinkedIn have partnered to introduce LinkedIn CRM Sync, a powerful two-way integration now available in the HubSpot App Marketplace. This integration is designed to enhance the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Ads experience by allowing data to flow effortlessly between HubSpot and LinkedIn.

This one is so good for Sales teams. We spend a lot of time on LinkedIn prospecting and reaching out to prospective clients. Currently we have to manually log these activities and the relevant information into HubSpot. This update is awesome for salespeople as it will make that entire process seamless and much more efficient, giving us all more time to focus on selling!
Nathan Jessup

Business Development Manager

*Available to Sales Hub Pro+ customers with a LinkedIn Advanced Plus subscription

What are your thoughts on these updates? If there’s something either here or in the HubSpot updates you’d like to explore get in touch.  

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