1 min read
February 26, 2024

If like me, you've been a big fan of HubSpot's outlook plugin that used to live prominently on this page here, you'll be as disappointed as I am at the announcement that HubSpot is ending support for the desktop add-in.

Given HubSpot's announcement recently that they will stop supporting this specific integration with MS Outlook, this link has been pushed further down on the page here.

I imagine, even this link to the .exe file is going to disappear in some time, though for now, HubSpot say that users not hosted on O365 can continue to use the VSTO add-in on the legacy versions of Outlook until further notice.


A number of our clients (and us at Concentrate) continue to use and love this integration. We have saved a version of this file at this link as well. You're welcome to download it and install it.

Please let us know what aspects of this integration you use and enjoy, and what could be done better in the next version of this plug-in.



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