While we usually focus on providing useful marketing insights in our blog, we feel this is a legitimate opportunity for shameless self-promotion. And because we’re actually really proud of these achievements.

Diamonds are an agency’s best friend

Concentrate is the first company in Australia and New Zealand to reach Diamond Partner and Master Trainer status for international software company HubSpot.

That puts us in the top 2% of HubSpot’s almost 3500 agencies worldwide, and shows how competitive Kiwi marketing agencies can be on a world stage amongst much bigger firms with access to a much bigger market.

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"As one of our first agency partners, Concentrate have played an important role in the growth of HubSpot in New Zealand. They have taken international best practice from HubSpot and applied it with real benefit to their clients, particularly in the hi-tech sector. As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, and with Owen Scott's appointment as the first and only HubSpot Master Trainer in the country, Concentrate are ideally placed to help their clients grow better with the inbound methodology and the HubSpot Growth Platform."


Jeetu Mahtani

Senior VP & Managing Director, International



Martech is going off

This recognition is a reflection of two trends - firstly it’s the growth of New Zealand’s tech industry, the sector in which we specialise; and secondly, the rapid adoption of marketing technology by Kiwi companies.

According to our own Market Measures research, tech companies in New Zealand are starting to invest in solutions like CRM and marketing automation, and HubSpot is the platform of choice for over 60% of them.

HubSpot’s acknowledgement of Concentrate as a Diamond Partner and Master Trainer means the company is recognised as being world class when it comes to marketing technology. HubSpot is a global leader in this area, and Concentrate can bring this international best practice and technology to local firms.

We’d like to acknowledge the support from HubSpot that has enabled this success. As a tech marketing firm we work with a lot of software companies, small and large, and can safely say HubSpot’s partner support is outstanding, particularly form the team in their Sydney office.

A master of training

We’re particularly proud that Concentrate’s Managing Director Owen Scott has, after a contestable process, been appointed as a HubSpot Master Trainer, the first and only in New Zealand. For companies using HubSpot it means we are ideally placed to ensure you and your people can get the most out of the platform.

It also means Concentrate is the only agency across Australia and New Zealand that has reach Diamond Partner Agency level, and has a HubSpot Master Trainer.

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