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We've been helping Kiwi tech businesses grow their sales and marketing strategies at home and overseas for over 17 years. Growing Tech aims to bring together a range of inspiring tech stories, insights and experiences from both ourselves and our industry peers. Tune in through your favourite streaming site to get inspired, and learn first-hand how some of New Zealand's largest tech companies have made growth happen here and on the world's stage.

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GW: Welcome to the Growing Tech podcast with Greg Williamson and Owen Scott.

GW: So, what's this all about?

OS: Well, we're doing a podcast! A podcast for tech companies, you know, trying to give them insights to help them grow.

GW: And why would these tech entrepreneurs and other tech people be interested in what we've got to talk about?

OS: Well, good question. I mean, I think that one of the main things is that we're going to invite some really cool guests along. People that are working in tech companies, people that are experiencing and growing companies, and also us, I mean, we've had a bit of experience. Yeah.

GW: I mean, I suppose 17 years and a few hundred tech companies from the smallest of startups to the biggest of multinationals, we've made a few mistakes and had a few successes. I suppose we can bring a bit of that insight to the discussion.

OS: That's right. And if we can sort of spread a bit of that and introduce pieces and people to some of those things we've learned, that'd be really useful.

GW: What sort of subjects do you reckon we'll cover?

OS: Well, I think we stick to our core focus, which is sales and marketing. I mean, there's lots of things around growing a tech company, like capital raising and recruiting really good staff but, sales and marketing that's what our life's been. Uh, let's stick to that. Sound good?

GW: Yeah, well, it's always good to stick to what we know something about. And another thing, you know, a lot of the tech people out there we talked to, this is what they really want to know about. They want to know about how to improve their sales, make the sales more efficient, get more out of the marketing, all these kinds of questions. So that's what Growing Tech is going to be all about. We hope you can tune in and become a subscriber and enjoy what we've got to say and what our guests have got to say. Thanks.

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Until next time,

Greg and Owen.

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