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One of NZ's most respected brands makes the most of HubSpot to provide the best website experience to its stakeholders and increase website traffic.


Healthy website growth the result of an agile development project

When a client’s website needed a major overhaul – and needed it fast – Concentrate’s can-do attitude as their partner was integral to success, and a 38% bump in traffic almost immediately.

In late 2018, Concentrate was brought on board as a partner in the major overhaul of one of our clients’ websites. This is a large company with operations in New Zealand and Australia with thousands of employees, and great growth aspirations. It was crucial that their website was a true reflection of their values and what they are offering.

While traditional media such as print, television and radio, is still heavily used in the promotion mix, the goal of each offline advertisement is to drive prospects to the website, where a comprehensive overview of their services is available. "We get quite a bit of interaction through social media as well," says the Digital Marketing Manager. "In New Zealand last year, we reached over 1.2million people with our posts, and around 230,000 reactions."


The digital marketing team realised that they needed to keep innovating with their website platform to reflect user trends, such as the explosion of the use of mobile devices. "We started off working with ntegrity," they recall. "They helped us with strategy and design. Then Concentrate came on board for the build."

The Digital Marketing Manager had been aware of Concentrate for a number of years. "They were always on my radar - I'm a HubSpot fan," they say. "I knew their reputation - it was a no-brainer. The length of time they've been in the industry and working with HubSpot - we didn't even look at any other options."

For the digital team, it was important to have a partner that became an extension of that team. "We didn't want someone coming in and saying, we know best, you're doing it wrong," they explain. "Concentrate doesn't use that approach - it's a partnership from the beginning."


One of the major challenges was the timeline in which to fit a project of this magnitude. The website needed to be completely re-designed, but there was only a very small window in which to achieve it. The Digital Marketing Manager explained the deadline to Concentrate's Head of Inbound Marketing, Achan Bedi, in September 2018. The website needed to go live by the end of January, 2019. "Achan and the team were amazing," they recall. "They were so ‘can-do’ - they just made it happen."

From a Concentrate point of view, the project represented a challenge. “When we saw the initial scope of the brief for a new site, it was impressive,” Achan recalls. “But it had a very hard deadline, and only 25 working days.”


Achan goes on to explain that Concentrate’s success in meeting that deadline was down to several key factors:

  • A clear and (almost) unwavering brief.
  • A project leader at the client side who made bold calls and responded to requests for feedback and approval almost instantly.
  • Both teams working as an extension of each other. The client’s internal resources were dedicated to work with Concentrate as content editors, leaving Concentrate resources to focus on the development, coding and design.
  • Shared virtual project management spaces, e.g., Slack, Google Sheets etc.

Looking back over the span of the project, the client recalls Concentrate's positive attitude to the process. "Nothing was a problem for them," they say. "Even when I knew that we were putting the pressure on them, they always had this can-do attitude, no matter what might have been going on behind the scenes!"

The Digital Marketing Manager goes on to say that the team were grateful for the amount of resources Concentrate were dedicating to the project, and their strength as communicators. "That's so important for a project of this size," they explain. "We were meeting weekly, and we had a dedicated Slack channel that was just on fire every day."



Concentrate came on board when the realisation hit that the deadline was going to be very tight. Worried that they weren't going to be able to pull it off, the client says that Concentrate's ability to complete the build within the timeframe, combined with their expertise, meant they could see it as a realistic and achievable goal. "They also worked with us to upskill our team," they note. "They were great with knowledge sharing. That's was one of the best outcomes from the project, and it means we'll have a long-term relationship with them."

Our client has no hesitation in saying that the website would not have gone live when it did, without Concentrate as a partner. "We actually managed go-live a few days ahead of the deadline," they say. "They were integral to achieving that goal."

Achan recalls that although the scale of the project was daunting, it was still a thrilling experience. “The dedication and expertise of everyone who worked on the project was exemplary,” he says. “It is now held up

as an example of what can be done, when there is the executive willingness to get things going matched with ability of the delivery team.”

‘’The power of the flexibility of the HubSpot CMS was key to us delivering, along with the deep expertise we’ve developed with the technology. Our client now has a very strong platform to keep growing their digital presence,’’ says Achan.

Since go-live, the Digital Marketing Manager says the team have noticed a big increase in traffic – 38% growth month-on-month in early 2019. Although it's too soon to measure lead generation and conversion - the process from inquiry to client is necessarily a lengthy one - there's no doubt that the new website is generating increased traffic and interest in our client’s services


The importance of equal effort and energy

Looking back over the whole process, they team say they have learned a thing or two about overhauling a website of their size, and they have a few words of advice for other digital teams contemplating a similar move. "You have to do your part," they say. "The reason ours was so successful is we were all working as a partnership. We had our own people working on it as well, and it was important that they met their targets as well as Concentrate meeting theirs. There has to be equal energy on both sides, otherwise you get bottlenecks and risk failure. There was a huge effort from our team and from Concentrate, and that's why it was successful."

Achan agrees, and goes on to note the importance of the Project Leader role. “In this case, the role was like that of a really good conductor at the opera directing specialists, in the end delivering an amazing symphony.”

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