Marketing Consultant, Claire, shares a few tips for technology companies to consider when using LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for businesses. Knowing how to use it well will set your company apart from others.

In this video, Claire shows us three simple, yet effective, ways to smoothly run your company's LinkedIn.


LinkedIn can be a great piece in the marketing puzzle for technology companies.You can reach lots of targeted people in one go.

Here are three tips to really make the most of your LinkedIn use:

First, find groups that are relevant to your offering. The people that you most want to target. Follow them, engage with them, and really make yourself known to them.

Second, post engaging content. Post your blogs, links to articles you've written. Also don't talk about yourself all the time, it isn't Facebook.

Finally, create a kick-ass company profile. To do this you should frequently post content, have useful information on your profile, and engage with people through it.


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