Prosthemadera_novaeseelandiae_-Waikawa,_Marlborough,_New_Zealand-8_(2)As proud, nature-loving Kiwis, Concentrate ‘flew’ at the chance to be a part of The Cacophony Project’s mission to guard New Zealand’s greatest natural orchestra – our birds.

Seasoned entrepreneur Grant Ryan is harnessing the power of technology and the open-source community to use sound to lure pests, identify, and eradicate them in an intelligent targeted manner.

Grant believes that through this technology it is possible to make eradication of predators in New Zealand 80,000 times more efficient.  Thus protecting native birds and enhancing the ‘cacophony’ of tweeting, chirping and twittering that both locals and international visitors cherish.

The Cacophony Project has already garnered nation-wide interest, with Newshub, Radio New Zealand and The Press telling their story.

This project is not yet complete and needs the help of tech-savvy volunteers – people who love problem solving via open source software to refine the technology. If this sounds enticing, click here to learn more.

Because of our passion for supporting technology endeavours that better New Zealand life, Concentrate are playing our part by helping to grow the Cacophony Project brand.

Whatever your area of expertise or skill level, if you would like to learn more about how to be involved, now or in the near-future, click here.

To stay up to date with progress, follow The Cacophony Project on Twitter.

The Cacophony Project

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