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So you’ve been working hard generating leads online, but what do you do with them now? (Not quite sure how to define a lead? Read our previous blog ‘What the heck is a lead?’)

Your sales team won’t be too pleased if you expect them to follow up every single lead that presents itself on your website. Many of these leads will be in the early stages of the buying process still evaluating alternatives, or may have no interest in your product or service at all despite having viewed some of your content.

Every sales force has limited resources, so it makes sense to focus those resources on the highest quality leads that are most likely to result in a sale. Don’t waste your time on dead ends.

How do you determine the quality of your leads?

The answer is lead scoring. With lead scoring, you can attach values to each of your leads based on their professional information and the behaviour they’ve exhibited on your website. (

This professional information and online behaviour mentioned above is known as lead intelligence. A few examples of lead intelligence that can be useful for scoring your leads include:

  • Which pages on your website are they visiting, and how frequently are they on your site?
  • How many pieces of content have they downloaded?
  • If a lead has opted to receive emails from you, how do they interact with those emails? Do they open them and follow any links?

Now you’re scoring your leads, and you can see which ones are the best quality. What’s next?

Once a lead has scored sufficiently high (generally over a threshold that you have defined) it’s time for sales to start following it up. Don’t forget to make sure they have access to all that valuable lead intelligence you’ve gathered along the way. It’ll make their job much easier!

Of course, lead scoring is irrelevant if you can’t find those leads in the first place. To learn more about capturing qualified leads download our eBook ‘30 great ideas for generating leads online’.

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