Our tech exporters are ‘bringing knives to a gunfight’ when it comes to marketing themselves in offshore markets

The 2015 Market Measures report is now available. The responses from the survey of 323 New Zealand technology companies have been collated into an analysis of best practices in sales and marketing.

The US is leading the way in technology marketing and with many of our own tech companies moving into the US market, it is more important than ever to understand what the heavyweights are doing.

The primary source of leads for 80% of US tech companies is coming from indirect marketing, such as emails, social media and online advertising. This is in contrast to 35% of New Zealand companies who say this is their most common method of lead generation.

While the 2014 theme of sales teams being “lone wolves” still rings true, it is also very apparent that when operating in the US market, Kiwis are bringing knives to the gunfight.

Sitting a few steps behind their counterparts, our companies are finding themselves ill equipped in the sales and marketing space, lacking the automation and maturity of their US counterparts.

To find out more and get insights into addressing the issue, download the report now.



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