Why partnering is important, and how our webinar can help you execute it correctly.

This webinar is designed to support the eBook 'Getting started with partnering' and to provide you with all the necessary information needed to find the right partner for your business, and then maximise your relationship with them. Hosted by tech marketing experts Greg Williamson (Concentrate) and Tim Howell (Offshoot Consulting), this webinar will break down how Kiwi tech companies can execute an effective partnership.

Join us for the webinar at 11 am on Wednesday 3rd May


We will discuss:

  • Whether you are actually ready for a partner
  • How to find that perfect match
  • Aligning expectations with your partner
  • Maximising your relationship

Who will this webinar be useful for?

  • New Zealand technology company owners
  • New Zealand technology company marketing managers
  • New Zealand technology company CEOs

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