Marketing Consultant, Jessica Lyons shares a few ideas for coming up with original blog content. 

Blogging is an important tool in the marketing toolkit for technology companies. Sometimes the biggest barrier is coming up with new and fresh ideas for content.

In this video, Jess presents three quick and easy guidelines for generating blog content. For more tips on content, read our blog.


If you're a technology company blogging is very important. Posting regular articles on your website, blog or news-page will help you to direct traffic to your website, increase your search engine optimisation and position your brand as an industry leader.
When confronting a company about why their last blog was from 2007, common excuses are "I don't have enough time", "I don't see the point", "no one goes on our blog" and "I don't know what to blog about".

So today I'm going to help you out on that last excuse. Here are three ideas on what your company can blog about.

1. Customer problems- What common questions do you get asked? What's an issue that you've recently helped your client overcome? Write a short guide on what you need to solve this problem.
2. Industry trends- Keep an eye on what's going on in the news. If anything relevant is happening in your client's sector, write an opinion piece on it.
3. Your area of expertise- Don't have one person do all the blogging for you, spread it around. Every person in your company should be able to contribute helpful information in the form of a blog. And the best part about sharing the load is that if there's 12 people in your company and your aiming to publish one blog a week, then you only have to write one blog every three months.



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