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The power of Twitter was obvious at the recent 2014 Oscars where the host Ellen DeGeneres crashed Twitter after her picture, which included Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper, became the most retweeted image ever, with over 2.5 million users sharing the picture inside two hours. So how do you harness a slice of that for your business and more specifically for B2B lead generation?

Hands up if like me you have a Twitter account. And keep those hands up if you explored it briefly before gallivanting off into another social media network’s direction?

Tweets? Hashtags? What is all the fuss about and can you actually help market your business with Twitter in only 140 characters? With the right focus the answer is yes.

For B2B marketers, lead generation is often both a top priority and a major challenge. And like many in the B2B marketing space I had assumed LinkedIn to be the best social media channel to focus and invest in. It wasn’t until just recently that I stumbled on some very interesting facts from a study published on Mediabistro’s All Twitter, showing Twitter to be a brilliantly effective lead generation channel. The study shows a whopping 82 percent of leads generated through social media are referred from Twitter. What was even more interesting was the same study found that Twitter tops B2B lead generation, outperforming both LinkedIn and Facebook 9 to 1!


5 Simple Secrets for B2B Lead Generation

Here are 5 tried and true Twitter tactics for B2B lead generation from our friends at Hubspot (click for full article). Put these in place and watch your business leads grow.

Tip 1. You need a content strategy to support your Twitter strategy

Focus first on your overall content and lead generation strategies. Create useful content like blog posts, eBooks and whitepapers - information that your customers and audience will find valuable such as solving a common customer problem. Then repackage what you have already created for Twitter. Twitter posts are the digital breadcrumbs that draw our audience down a trail toward a much more substantial piece of content they can download after filling out a form.

Tip 2. To generate leads you can’t only post lead generation content

Mix it up to keep your audience interested and engaged. The key to generating leads on Twitter is to post a variety of content that aligns with goals other than generating leads or sales. Make 80-90% of your Tweets offer up great content your audience will soak up. For example, indirect content such as YouTube videos, photos, retweets or blog posts. The other 10-20% can push a more direct sale like that downloadable offer or whitepaper.

Tip 3. Go beyond text in your Tweets

With only 140 characters in a single Tweet using photos and videos works wonders for engagement, conversion and click through rates. They draw attention to your lead generation content and make you stand out in users news feeds. Mix in an image every 3-4 Tweets to appear more prominently in users feeds and your companies profile page.

Tip 4. Extend reach with Twitter advertising

Your perfect prospects are on Twitter, they just might not be following you. The best way to get in front of those prospects and leads is with targeted Promoted Tweets. You can use these to have your message appearing several places on the social network that you wouldn’t appear on otherwise. Twitter’s pricing model is cost per engagement so you only pay when people interact with your Tweets.

Tip 5. Give Twitter lead generation cards a whirl

The Lead Gen Card is a Twitter card that lets you generate leads directly within a Tweet in
exchange for some sort of offer. One of the cool things about these is that they not only get your Promoted Tweets in front of your prospects, but also seamlessly capture their contact information. Win, win!


140-character wrap. There it is folks, a top list of tried & true Twitter tips to take your B2B lead generation to the next level. #Goforit.



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