Entering a competition you have only a small chance of winning sometimes feels like a waste of time and effort (a bit like the Kiwi team at the Winter Olympics).

You may feel this way when it comes to entering your business into industry awards – that there’s no point in entering because the possibility of being presented with a tastefully designed trophy is relatively slim – but that shouldn’t hinder you from entering the 2014 New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards. There is so much more to gain than a shiny trophy that would look stunning sitting on top of your office bookshelf.

Here’s four reasons why you should enter the Hi-tech Awards this year:


1. Gain credibility for your company

Competing against New Zealand’s most successful technology companies proves that you’re serious about your company and believe in your product or service. You will gain access to a myriad of invaluable marketing and career growth opportunities including access to Alumni events and funding opportunities.

If you’re fortunate enough to become a finalist (and even more-so if you win!) high-profile companies and potential clients will view your company as the best, or one of the best in your industry.


2. Networking opportunities

The events that are run in conjunction with the Hi-Tech Awards provide ample opportunity to expand your network of high-tech professionals. Rub shoulders with technology industry experts, government officials, sponsors, investors and other interesting people like yourself by attending the Tait Communications Flying Kiwi Awards Lunch and the Gala Awards Dinner.


3. Increase morale for staff and clients

There is a buzz of excitement in the offices of companies that enter the Hi-Tech Awards. It reinforces the belief of employees that they work for an exciting and innovative company. Entering also unites teams together. It makes them feel like the reason their company is as successful as it is today is due to the work effort of all (or most) staff members.

Clients also enjoy having their suppliers in the spotlight for their success. It installs a sense of good-decision making on their behalf for hiring you and also reflects well on their business by being associated with you.


4. The Gala Awards Dinner in Christchurch

This is always a favourite event for awards entrants. The Gala Awards Dinner is a fun evening filled with exceptional entertainment; delicious food and beverages; comradery and socialising; and presentations and speeches. It is likely to be especially good this year as it is the 20th Anniversary of the Awards and is to be held in its city of origin, and my home town, Christchurch.


The fear of losing is often what holds people back from entering competitions. However, if you focus more on the experience and opportunities you’re exposed to when entering the Hi-Tech Awards, everyone has a chance at being successful in one way or another.

At Concentrate, we understand how busy hi-tech companies are at this time of the year, so writing in an entry form may be at the very bottom of a lot of people’s agenda. Entries close on the 3rd of March so if you do want to enter but don’t have the time to pick a category, let alone write a compelling entry, give me an e-mail jessica@concentrate.co.nz and we will arrange for one of our hi-tech industry marketing specialists to organise it all for you.

By Jessica Turner

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