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work on real projects, and learn something new every day.

Concentrate is seeking talented interns with passion and aptitude for all things digital. And the ability to make an impact with our tech clients from across New Zealand, Australia and New Zealand. 

Build your CV and build your skills working on digital projects with our friendly team of digital marketing and sales experts.

Concentrate’s promises a diverse and inclusive workplace, with flexibility in terms of working remotely and fitting in with your study obligations.

What should I be studying?

Marketing, Arts, IT, Commerce and Science graduates work at Concentrate. Your major matters less than your interest in digital.

What would I be doing?

Interns focus on real-world research projects which will benefit our clients and help our team in their work.

Do I get paid?

Yes, we pay interns at an hourly rate.

What is the environment like?

Concentrate provides a relaxed, open-plan environment. We have a diverse team, with six (and counting) different cultures, with a great range of marketing, sales and technology skills and experience. You'll learn heaps and have fun being part of the team.

How do I apply?

Please email us your CV. Applications close Monday 22 November 2021.

For more information contact Greg Williamson


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